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B.I.G Sentinel

Meet B.I.G. Sentinel
B.I.G. Sentinel

Aka BIG Sentinel, provides a plug and play protective solution to schools and or educational institutions without having to spend thousands or hundreds of thousands to millions in infrastructure for deployment alone (electricians, engineers, specialists, construction, structured cable, etc).  Our plug and play solution can be deployed in any traditional school campus within as little as a few hours.  Deployment time can vary based on the number of schools access points and critical areas to watch.

Why is BIG Sentinel the answer to helping schools provide a safe environment to students and staff alike?  Here are the reasons and specs:

Energy independent:

“BIG Sentinel” do not require any connection to energy sources, can operate independent of them for up to a couple years without battery change.  This will save you money and time.

Easy to deploy:

Since “BIG Sentinel” is plug and play, you do not need to create a structured cable network.  Thus, saving you thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars on capex alone.  All deployment is done via an app and a web app dashboard.

Easy to mount/install:

“BIG Sentinel” units can be attached to walls, stick onto walls, put on top of columns, hang from a structure, etc.  Our easy on the eyes

Privacy Protection:

“BIG Sentinel” does not record on the cloud nonstop; therefore, it does not invade the privacy of students or staff.  BIG Sentinel triggers and starts transmitting the second a panic button is pressed within the school.

Little Blue / Panic Buttons:

Panic Buttons / Alarm.  Our panic buttons also known as alarm button have very similar characteristic as BIG Sentinel; they are both energy and data cable independent.  you can add an unlimited number of “Buttons” to the school. Place them in classrooms, hallways, bathrooms, gyms, etc.  The second any of the buttons is activated, all BIG Sentinels within your school premise activate simultaneously and begin transmitting, one way video, and two-way audio.

Stream to the right places:

BIG Sentinel’s Audio and video quality and capability stream to the cloud and its cloud base web dashboard and mobile apps, thus, allowing the school security team and/or principal to see the feeds immediately to assess the situation.

Blue’s support:

BIG Sentinel allows your school to transmit live anytime there is a panic button to the closest police station command center or dispatch center, thus giving your local law enforcement department the ability to properly respond to different threat levels efficiently.  BIG Sentinel gives our men and women in blue the ability to respond with force and effectiveness, thus protecting your students and staff with augmented efficacy, and in some cases, this will make the difference in saving lives.

Anti-theft and Recovery:

If device battery dies or Big Sentinel is stolen and turned off, BIG Sentinel can transmit its location for up to 24 hours, depending on its battery level.  Location is GPS based, does not depend on cellphone towers. The moment BIG Sentinel is moved while energy is available, BIG Sentinel sends an alert to let you know someone is messing with him.


Our device is IP67 rated.  Place indoor or outdoors.

Information Security:

All of BIG Sentinel's communications are encrypted.  All videos on cloud are encrypted.  All data on cloud is encrypted. 

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