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B.I.G Robot

Meet BIG Robot
B.I.G. Robot

BIG Robot plays the role of multiple devices in one.  The product specs/details are the following:

  • Bring Anywhere: Device safely attaches to any type of backpack, laptop bag, gym bag or briefcase.

  • Compact:  the size of a small single screen cellphone, about the size of an iPhone mini.

  • Agnostic Connectivity:  4G 5G LTE cellular network.  You can stream audio, video, and geolocation vi a cellular connection, just like a cellphone.  Since BIG Robot is agnostic to cellular carriers, you can use it on any network via physical GSM SIM card or eSIM.  Special discounts available when contracted via our partner carriers.

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Bodycam Mode:

BIG Robot has a red button we call “BIG Red”: When you press the button the device begins streaming directly into cloud and to your BIG Robot’s paired iOS/Android paired mobile applications.  This function allows parents, family and/or guardians to be immediately notified that there is an emergency, thus allowing them to see and hear what their child or student is seeing and hearing, additionally, the ability to communicate back through the device.  This function can protect a child, adolescent, young-adult, or adult from many threats, lethal and/or non-lethal.  This function can be modified to turn on alarm like lights on the device or not.  Parent(s) or guardian(s) can communicate back to the device by turning on their mic on their mobile app if they choose to do so.  Mic on and off settings can be modified from mobile device to start transmitting 2-way audio and/or video the second the application is opened.  Device camera can transmit in low light ability conditions through night vision.

Silent Alarm Mode:

Big Robot has a blue button, we call “Little Blue” which when pressed, the device begins steaming directly into cloud and into BIG Robot’s mobile apps of the parents and guardians the device has been paired with.  However, the “Little Blue” does it in a way where individuals around the device cannot detect if device is on.  This mode is made for situations such as hostage scenarios.

Geolocation Intelligence:

BIG Robot allows you to create geofences around the device’s location.  When a geofenced is programmed around school grounds, or anywhere else your child’s or student’s safe zone, if they exit the geofence, Big Robots parent guardian(s) will be immediately notified via our mobile app. Additionally you’re able to geofence “No Go Zones”, the device will trigger an alert when it enters those zones.

Remote Access:

BIG Robot’s camera, microphone and speaker can be turned on remotely from mobile application without device approval.  Thus, allowing you to communicate through end-to-end encrypted communications with your child or student directly, as well as assess their wellbeing.  This access permission can be modified if parents choose to do so.

Video/Audio Feed:

All video/audio feeds can be stored on the cloud, thus allowing parents and guardians from sharing them with anyone of their choosing, including authorities.  Feed can be shared live as well via our share live stream link.

Safe Numbers:

Via the device’s screen menu, or through the app, you can program which phone numbers BIG Robot can call, giving you control of who they speak on the phone with.  Additionally, all the call logs or texts are recorded in your mobile app, allowing you to monitor communications, call times, etc.

Educational Games:

BIG Robot comes with fun games to teach your kids math, programming, and innovative sciences, without making them feel its homework. 

A big problem solved:

BIG Robot’s goal is to be your kid’s best friend when it comes to communications, therefore, our goal is for them to take BIG Robot with them everywhere they go, whether its sports practices, competitions, school, parties, etc.  BIG Robot eliminates the need to buy your child an expensive cellphone, which in many cases becomes the door to problems you cannot control as a parent or guardian. 


If device battery dies, BIG Robot transmit its location for up to 2 hours, not depending on cellphone towers.  This is particularly powerful when you go on vacation, hikes, skiing, etc.  

W-IFI Unleashed:

BIG Robot becomes a WI-FI hot spot allowing the carrier to connect their laptop or tablet to the internet to do homework, no matter where they are at.


BIG Robot has a large capacity batter, however, to prevent running out of battery, BIG Robot has an assistant called “BIG Bank Theory”, which is an external battery that enhances BIG Robot’s life.  BIG Robot works with any brand of external battery that meets BIG Robots requirements.    


Our device is IP67 rated. 

Information Security:

All of BIG Robot’s communications are encrypted.  All videos on cloud are encrypted.  All data on cloud is encrypted. 

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